Meaningful healthcare solutions


a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.
"the panacea for all corporate ills"

Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by supporting knowledge sharing, collegiality and self-learning.

Our services

Kollega: a digital consultation platform for doctors and dentists.

Kollega ad platform

Do you want to reach doctors effectively and with accurate targeting?

With Kollega, you can market content, services, products, events, or training that is useful to physicians — select your target audience from all known specialties and advertise in the time frame you want.

A report is generated on the performance and results of your ad campaign to help you learn more about your target audiences.

Easy and secure access to a vast network of professionals - Anywhere, anytime.

  • +13K
    Total users
  • 100%
    of specialties represented
  • ~35
    Consultations per day
  • 98%
    of consultations get answered

We develop solutions in close co-operation with our partners the Finnish Medical Association and the Finnish Dental Association.


The Panacea team consists of strong medical expertise and first class skills to develop digital services. Together, we strive to help the medical community treat their patients better.

  • WilleLinkedIn
    Wille Komulainen
    Co-Founder, CEO, Medical Director
  • JuhoLinkedIn
    Juho Koponen
    Co-Founder, CTO
  • VilleLinkedIn
    Ville Kemilä
    Partner, Dental Director
  • Vesa-MattiLinkedIn
    Vesa-Matti Mäkinen
    Partner, Designer
  • JariLinkedIn
    Jari Aarniala
    Partner, Developer
  • LauriLinkedIn
    Lauri Vanhala
    Partner, Developer
  • JoakimLinkedIn
    Joakim Runeberg
    Partner, Developer
  • EsaLinkedIn
    Esa Hallanoro
    Partner, Designer
  • CarolineLinkedIn
    Caroline Wikström
    Key Account Manager
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